How to Fix Common Problems with a Portable Garage

fix-portable-garage-problemsIf you have an extra vehicle, such as a car, truck, camper, motorcycle, or boat, that you need to store for the winter, but you do not have enough space in a garage, a portable storage building is a good alternative. Portable garages are made from durable materials that are designed to stand up to harsh weather and to last for many years. Nevertheless, at some point a portable garage can become damaged from exposure to the elements. In that case, you can make some simple repairs to extend the life of your portable storage building.

Inspect Your Portable Garage to Assess the Damage

If you notice some damage to your portable garage, you should conduct a thorough inspection of the entire structure. There may be more damage that you did not notice at first. You should assess the extent of the damage so you can figure out the best way to go about repairing it.

How to Repair a Torn Cover

One of the most common problems with a portable garage is that the cover gets torn. This can happen because of wind or because of branches or other debris falling or being blown on the building.

Repairing a torn portable garage cover is fairly straightforward. Start out by cleaning the torn area with a cleaning solution designed to be used on canvas. Then measure the ripped area and cut a piece of replacement canvas a little bigger. Spread glue on the portable garage and the piece of canvas. Place the canvas over the torn area and hold it for a few minutes until the glue has set.

How to Fix Sagging Braces

Another problem you may encounter with your portable garage is sagging braces. This can occur because of years of exposure to harsh weather that caused stress. The problem can be corrected with a spreader bar. Put the spreader bar in the area where the braces are sagging, ratchet the bar to spread it, and then move the braces back to their correct positions. Use wire to secure the bar to the braces.

Replace Bent Support Legs

The support legs can become bent through exposure to severe weather or if someone accidentally hits them while driving a vehicle in or out of the portable garage. This is a serious problem that can cause the portable garage to collapse and fall on a vehicle or a person. In order to fix it, you will need to take down the portable garage and replace the damaged support legs.

Replace Frayed or Broken Cords

You may also find that the cords on your portable garage have become frayed or broken. This is a problem that can cause the portable garage to sag or to be blown over. You can fix this by tying on new cords.

Where to Order a Portable Garage to Store a Vehicle for the Winter

A portable garage is an excellent place to store a vehicle to protect it from severe weather. With winter coming up, now is the time to start thinking about storage. If you have a vehicle that you are not planning to use this winter and need a place to store it, order a portable garage from Carport Depot today.

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