Don’t have a Garage? Protect Your Car and its Paint Coat with a Portable Garage

Protecting your vehicle from extreme weather, like UV rays, snow, and rain, is important throughout the year. If you don’t own a brick and mortar garage, protecting your car becomes even harder, but a portable garage, sometimes called a carport, can be an effective solution for short and long term protection of your vehicle. A portage garage is a sturdy metal structure with a metal or polyethylene roof designed to keep out the elements and, additionally, allow for air circulation.

To protect your car from UV rays, which will fade the paint coating over time and create cracks on the surface, a portable garage with a polyethylene canopy is UV treated – sometimes even on both sides. In addition, the polyethylene is often given other treatments like anti-fade, anti-fungal, and anti-aging treatments to protect your car even further.

But, aside from a metal or UV-treated roof, a portable garage needs to have air circulation to prevent mildew, rust, and dry rot from forming on your vehicle. All portable garages have ventilation. The polyethylene canopy, for example, is a material that is water-resistant and allows for circulation simply because that’s the nature and design of a material. But, regardless of whether you choose a portable garage with a metal or polyethylene roof, the garage should be partially enclosed, and many portable garage stores sell kits to create partial and full walls for a portable garage or carport. With or without walls, however, the structure itself is also strong enough to withstand heavy amounts of snow and winds up to 95 MPH.

Other benefits in protecting your car with a portable garage include its expandability. If, in the future, you plan on having more cars or purchase a seasonal vehicle, such as a boat or an RV, a portable garage’s width and length can be expanded by a kit to enclose and protect both vehicles from water and intense sunlight.

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