Heavy-Duty Poly Tarps to Protect Your Vehicle and Other Investments from the Elements

A heavy duty tarp, more than a canvas or medium-duty tarp, is designed for protection. Whether an RV, bales of hay, a boat, or equipment needs protection in the winter or summer from the elements, a heavy-duty tarp offers all necessary protection.

A heavy-duty tarp, which is made from polyethylene and usually called a poly tarp, is a high density fabric, with a density of 14 by 14 dernier, which makes the material tear resistant. The polyethylene, which is actually polyester or nylon mesh coated with polyethylene, doesn’t stand by itself, however. To protect a vehicle or equipment from sun exposure, the heavy-duty poly tarp is UV treated. Boats and RVs, in particular, benefit from a UV-treated tarp, as UV rays can make the outside material and coating crack and fade.

Other benefits of using a heavy-duty poly tarp to protect your vehicle or materials include being water proof. But, unlike shrink-wrapping a boat, a heavy duty tarp is a breathable material that allows for air circulation while keeping out water. As the result of being both breathable and water-resistant, moisture will not stay under the tarp and create mildew on the vehicle or materials while in storage and will prevent dry rot.

While all tarps protect, a heavy duty tarp is useful for prolonged protection from the elements. With seasonal vehicles like boats and RVs, farming equipment, and a seasonal crop like hay all needing protection, a heavy-duty poly tarp is the most economical and effective solution in the long run. Hay, for example, actually experiences less rot when a season’s crop of bales are stored with and protected by a tarp than kept inside a barn for the entire winter. In fact, hay that was only protected by a barn during colder months experienced more rot than that covered by a heavy-duty poly tarp.

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