Online Retailer Shelters of America Promises to Be Lower than Competitors. If Not, They’ll Discount Their Product by 5% Less than the Lowest Price

If you’re thinking of purchasing a portable garage, party tent, motorcycle cover, carport, or any outdoor shelter, online outdoor shelter store Shelters of America ( has a deal to beat all competitor prices. The home page of their website states that they will take five percent off any advertised price lower than theirs on an identical product.

Shelters of America claims to have the guaranteed lowest prices on their entire inventory of outdoor shelters. However, on occasion, a competitor could have a lower price product and, to continue to prove they have the highest quality products for the lowest prices, Shelters of America will offer this discount.

So, how does the discount work? If you find an identical item at a competitor’s store, and identical means the same brand, model, size, style carried by Shelter of America and the competitor, you can contact Shelters of America by telephone to point out the lower-price item – even if the item is in an advertisement by their competitor – and then they will go to the competitor’s website to verify the claim. Once it has been verified, the same item at Shelters of America will be sold at five percent lower than the price advertized by the competitor.

For a price example, suppose Shelters of America is selling a small portable garage for $620 and a competitor online store has the same item – same brand, model, size, style as the one found on Shelters of America – for $600. Once this is pointed out to customer service at Shelters of America and verified, the portable garage will be discounted by five percent of the competitor’s price, which would be $30 in the case of a $600 portable garage, and would be sold for $570.

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