Shade Your Wedding Reception Guests with a Wedding Tent

For a wedding, an outdoor tent is necessary to protect the guests during the reception. As this structure is temporary, the material used for the canopy doesn’t need to be as strong as that for a portable garage. Instead, either vinyl or polyester is enough to protect guests from the sun and other elements and to provide shade.

A wedding tent is available in two formats: as a frame and as a tent with a centralized pole. Larger wedding tents typically have a centralized pole, while frame tents are smaller structures. Other options, as this structure is only temporary, is a pop-up, or EZ up canopy, which only requires one person to set up the structure, or a pole tent, a structure that is held up primarily by tension and can cover up to 500 people. While a larger wedding tent is better for a large crowd during the wedding reception, the frame tents are better wedding tents for your caterers and wedding band or DJ.

While the basic structure of a wedding tent is a pole or metal frame, additions can be made to the tent, such as mosquito netting or clear plastic side sheets to keep out the rain.

A wedding tent is a multi-purpose structure that, while providing shade to all of your guests, can transform from a wedding reception area with tables and folding chairs, into a dance floor with a DJ or band later in the evening. More importantly, for an outdoor wedding in a large, open location, a wedding tent serves as a centralized location for all guests after the ceremony.

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