Poly Tarp Uses and Characteristics

Poly Tarps are used for a variety of different applications. Some of the most common uses are but not limited to roof and building covers, hurricane protection, canopies, truck tarps, privacy tarps, field tarps, shade tarps, hay tarps, lumber tarps, athletic field covers, gym floor covers, fire retardant covers and boat tarps. Poly Tarps are the preferred cover for multi-purpose applications due to their strength, durability and price. Poly tarps are commonly found to be UV treated, waterproof, mildew and rot resistant, contain sun blocking materials and contain fibers that resist arctic temperatures. UV treated poly tarps have a special chemical treatment that is applied at the time of manufacturing which helps protect the fibers from prolonged sun degradation. Polyethylene material in and of itself is naturally waterproof. The tightly woven fibers and laminated layers of the Poly Tarp results in a durable and waterproof product that is very dependable in wet environments. Due to the fact that polyethylene is a natural waterproof material it is also very resistant mold, mildew and rot. In addition, Poly Tarps perform very well in freezing temperatures, resisting the negative effects of cold weather. Most Poly Tarps consist of three layers however, an additional sun blocking layer can be found in the silver or grey colored tarps. Due to the sun blocking layer, silver tarps provide total shade and protection from the elements. The sun blocker consists of a single black layer of polyethylene which is then placed between the existing polyethylene layers to prevent any sunlight from penetrating the cover.

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