Setting Up a Wedding Tent for a Beach Wedding

A beach wedding typically isn’t significantly different from any other outdoor weddings, except for the theme and type of ground. One common fixture for many outdoor weddings, including beach weddings, is a wedding tent. A wedding tent often serves as the center point for a wedding reception. The guests often gather under the large wedding tent during the reception, and chairs and tables are set up under this structure for the guests. In the evening, the large tent can become an outdoor dance floor once all tables and chairs have been removed. In addition, smaller wedding tents can be used during the ceremony and wedding reception for caterers, a DJ, or a band.

Wedding tents are temporary structures made of a steel frame and a vinyl or polyester canopy, but, as with all outdoor structures, larger structures take time to set up. As YouTube is a next-to-endless trove of how-to videos, it’s only natural that videos for setting up a wedding tent would be added. One YouTube user filmed a wedding tent being set up for a beach wedding. While the general set up of the metal frame and the canopy are no different for a beach wedding than any other outdoor wedding, creating a firmer foundation to support the tent is necessary for a beach wedding – especially if the tent is directly on the sand as it is in this video. While the set up time is sped up, the steps are still clearly displayed in the video for setting up a wedding tent for a large outdoor ceremony.

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