Options for a Wedding Tent

Wedding tents come in various sizes and can even be amended for various outdoor conditions by walls or screens added to the sides. But a wedding doesn’t need just one wedding tent, as shown by the CAD video found on YouTube below:

CAD, a computer program used by architects and draftsman to create computer-generated images of buildings and other objects, is used in this instance to give the viewer a full picture of a potential wedding tent set up at an outdoor wedding. For a glimpse of the arrangement of tables and supporting poles inside the wedding tents, the wedding tent canopies in this CAD video are transparent. Wedding tents are used for outdoor ceremonies to shade the guests from the sun and, in this video, multiple canopies are used to create a network of shelters for guests and entertainers at the wedding reception.

Some key design points from the CAD video in regards to designing a wedding reception with wedding tents include:
• Wedding tents are the central area for the guests. In the CAD video, the two largest tents shade all tables and chairs. For a large wedding – in this case, 500 guests – two wedding tents are necessary to provide shade for everyone. Later in the day, the tables and chairs can be moved to create a dance floor under the two wedding tents. A band or DJ can be under the large tents or in a separate, smaller tent.
• Emanating from the two larger tents is a network of smaller tents. Some of these arrangements include several smaller wedding tents attached to each other to form a walkway and other smaller tents scattered about.
• A wedding ceremony for 500 people is bound to be elaborate, with additional catering and entertainment staff. For storage and preparation, other smaller and medium sized wedding tents are used for those assisting the wedding reception.

As wedding receptions can vary with size, so can the number of wedding tents needed. Wedding tents, as seen in this video, can be attached together to create a unique network of outdoor structures. Many options are available to designing an outdoor ceremony, and a wedding tent, or multiple tents, is an common decorative and protective outdoor shelter for guests.

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