Canopy Client Expands its Offerings

As we manage several clients that sell a combination of tarps and canopy structures, it only seems natural that nearly all would carry some combination of these products. This client of ours, Canopy Hut, recently expanded its products in terms of structures. Generally, a canopy website has a blend of both permanent outdoor shelters like portable garages and pop-up canopies, such as EZ-up canopies, party tents, and wedding tents. Canopy Hut expanded its offerings in both of these areas, including adding such additional permanent structures like RV and boat canopies and other pop-up structures like trade show canopies.

For permanent outdoor canopies, what is the difference between a portable garage and an RV or boat shelter? Typically, it’s the size and the selection on Canopy Hut’s new product pages reflects this. The shelters on the boat canopy page can cover at least one boat, while the RV shelters are all long canopy structures with walls designed to cover at least one RV. The larger RV shelters are both wide and long to hold two RVs. In addition, other permanent outdoor shelters Canopy Hut now carries include car canopies, which are enclosed or open carports for one or more cars to fit under in all kinds of weather. All of these permanent outdoor canopies are by Shelterlogic.

The other new products now offered by Canopy Hut are temporary shelters that can be set up outdoors with ease. These shelters are called party tents, pop-up canopies, or wedding tents depending on the size – wedding tents are typically the largest of this kind – and Canopy Hut now has trade show canopies. If you’re planning on attending a trade show outdoors with many items to protect, one of these canopy structures can be folded up in your car and can be set up quickly once at the trade show. As this canopy is only for temporary use, it is designed to be taken out, put up, and transported with ease.

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