Backyard Canopies

Labor Day just passed, and one common aspect for this holiday is outdoor cookouts and get-togethers in the backyard. As a result, many backyard parties use pop-up canopies for their celebrations. These canopies can be used as a shelter for people needing shade, or, more specifically, they can be a covering for a table with plates of food for the afternoon or the evening. Regardless of how you use your canopies, all of these structures are referred to as pop-up canopies, EZ-up canopies, or party tents. Each of these structures is composed of a steel frame, typically powder coated steel to protect it from the elements, and a canopy made of polyester or medium-duty polyethylene.

Although Labor Day is over, the fall season is still warm enough for some backyard parties. When setting up one of these party tents for a get-together in your backyard, the structure is typically one or two pieces. With pop-up tents, the canopy may be attached to the metal frame, which folds out and upward in one piece. One of these tents can be set up by yourself or with a group of people. Once the tent is folded out, additional support for it during the party can be done with small metal anchors. These attach to the legs of the canopy and can be driven into the ground to keep the canopy firmly in place.

If you don’t already have a party tent (or know someone who owns one), one of these structures can be purchased through any canopy supplier. In addition, these structures can be modified by plastic walls or mosquito netting in case of insects. These walls or netting can be attached to the sides of the canopy and, in case you no longer need to use them, the material can be taken down or tied to the posts of the party tent.

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