The Taste of Wallingford: Canopies a Common Fixture at Fairs and Festivals

Canopies, especially the pop-up tent kind, are seen at many outdoor events. This includes a recent fair in Wallingford, CT called the Taste of Wallingford. The festival, an outdoor event in which restaurants in the central Connecticut town gathered to give locals a taste of their food selections, was during a fairly warm day in October, but even then, canopies are needed for shade for the people and the food being sold. Below are some pictures taken at the Taste of Wallingford. Notice the variety of canopy structure being used, from small to large pop-up tents to tents with polyethylene sidewalls and insect netting.




Most of these structures are of the aluminum frame and polyester canopy variety. This includes the larger canopy structures which, in many cases, are called wedding tents. Although wedding tents can sometimes have a square formation, these are more rectangular, with poles in the center holding up the structure. In general, these types of canopies are appropriate for the event, as each can be put up and taken down quickly and will protect those under from the sun. The canopy material, whether polyester or polyethylene, is treated to be UV resistant, or at least reduce UV rays, and waterproof, in case of rain. Although the Taste of Wallingford wasn’t hit with rain that day, the vendors were prepared with the appropriate structures for any inclement weather.

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