Choosing the Right Shape of Carport for Winter

All carportsAre you considering covering your car or seasonal vehicle with a carport for the winter? While this is a great idea, not all carports are the same. In fact, you may end you may end up spending money on a carport that does not effectively protect through wind and snow. If you are considering installing a carport before frost, snow, and ice cover your vehicle, which one is best for your needs?

Think, first, about the conditions in your area. Does winter bring frequent and high winds? Make sure, in this case, that the steel frame and polyethylene are strong enough to hold up; winds approaching 100 miles per hour can blow over a carport. But, if wind isn’t a concern, what about snow? Snow can pile up on the roof of a carport, and while these structures are often designed to meet building code strength specifications, a shelter that allows snow to roll off is even better.

Thirdly, how long do you plan to use the carport? Will the shelter be exclusively used for winter, or will it turn into a year-round structure? For the latter, opt for a carport that can hold up for many years, if not decades.

Taking these parameters into consideration, what carport is best for storing your vehicle?

• If winds are an issue, find a steel carport that can hold up to winds up to 100 miles per hour.
• If you are concerned about snow, opt for a rounded enclosed carport, as precipitation simply rolls off the surface and down to the ground.
• If you are considering using a carport year-round, go with a galvanized steel model. Such carports can last 15 or more years, with only the polyethylene cover needing to be changed. For your convenience, go with a valance shelter that can be enclosed for the winter.

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