Tarps and Canopies for Memorial Day Weekend

Pop Up Canopy Memorial DayMemorial Day weekend has already started. With that extra day comes parties, outdoor events, and free time devoted to hobbies like camping and gardening. For the holiday, tarps and canopies websites have a variety of products suited to the outdoors.

Planning a party at home, in a park, or on the beach? With the sun expected to beam down or rain predicted to pass through, appropriate shelter is an absolute necessity. Pop-up canopies, with powder-coated steel frames and UV-resistant, waterproof polyester tops, are the perfect structures for such instances. One-piece and lightweight, these foldable canopies can be taken just about anywhere and, with anchors, offer shade and shelter for the entire day. If you don’t already own one, retailers like A1Tarps offer a variety of pop-up canopies and outdoor tents.

If a larger group is coming, match your guests with the right amount of shade. Carport Depot offers event canopies up to 30 feet in width.

On the other hand, the extra day is perfect timing for starting on spring or summer planting. But if you have low-light plants in mind for your property, what do you do if shade is absent from your yard? While planting can take up the extended weekend, mesh tarps with a metal canopy frame create the right amount of shade.

Aside from gardening, camping is another activity ideal for the long weekend. But, if a storm is predicted to hit (and, in some parts of the country, this is the case), a few poly camping tarps are essential for covering and protecting your tent, fire, and gear. Retailers like A1Tarps and WholesaleTarp.net offer medium- and heavy-duty polyethylene sheets in a variety of sizes and colors. For blending in, camouflage, green, or brown is preferred.


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  1. High quality outdoor canopies are a must if you want a durable and long lasting structure.

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