Protecting Investments in Summer: Go With Valance Carports

Valance carportWinter, it seems, puts your investments in the greatest amount of peril. Snow and ice can accumulate inside of a boat or on top of an RV. The puddles of water stagnantly sitting on top or inside soon transform into focal points for mold, mildew, and dry rot. All three of these damage the surface and may even get to internal parts. But even if a winter doesn’t include your vehicles getting bombarded with precipitation, UV rays are just as damaging. Consistent exposure cracks and fades external, and potentially internal, parts. By the time the season is over, the vehicle ends up needing extensive repairs, and your investments, ultimately, don’t give you all the bang for the buck you originally paid.

Summer, when your seasonal vehicle isn’t covered, is not an entirely different scenario. Yes, the vehicle is used, taken out on camping trips or to a lake for a fishing trip. But, UV rays and accumulating water are still threats. So, what can you do?

All-encompassing shelter is a must when a vehicle is stationary for several months at a time. The fully-covered polyethylene sides prevent UV rays and moisture from getting to your vehicle. A fully-enclosed shelter, when you regularly take out a boat or RV, has its own set of hindrances, so a valance carport is a compromise.

Valance carports, as we have spoken about before, have the strength of a steel frame and polyethylene without the side walls. A vehicle, be it a car or boat, can easily be pulled in and out. Yet, when a storm passes over, your boat won’t act as an oversized bucket, gathering all of the rain.

What options are there for valance carports? Retailer Carport Depot has fully metal carports made out of galvanized steel – the best option for long-term outdoor use. A1 Tarps, on the other hand, has a great variety of polyethylene and powder-coated steel carports and canopies for home and commercial uses. By the time winter rolls around, all of these structures can be modified with side walls and doors for full coverage.

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