New England Tailgating Survival Guide!


New England is known for its harsh weather in the fall and winter months. New Englanders are known for their love of football, which is in the fall and winter months. What is one of the best parts of attending a pro football game? Tailgating!! Patriot fans know all about tailgating in the harshest conditions, and they will not let the weather stop them. Maybe their dedication even in the coldest of Sundays is what proves the Pats fans loyalty. If you plan on joining these fans rain or shine, you will need to pack differently then a Miami Dolphins fan.

The Patriots play in Foxboro, where the average temperature during November is between 33 and 52 degrees. December gets even colder with temperatures between 24 and 41 degrees. Not only will you have to deal with the intense cold, you must be prepared for rain or snow. So get your boots out and throw on your poncho for the game. If you are planning on being a superfan with face paint, be sure to get waterproof!

The players probably wish their stadium was covered during these conditions, but you can make sure you are covered by bringing a tent or canopy. This is a must when trying to survive a day of Tenttailgating in New England. Tents and canopies can be set up quickly and, depending on size, can protect several die hard Patriot fans from rain or snow. Add a tarp to your tent or canopy for extra protection when the weather is extreme. They are good to protect you from sideways rainfall, snow, and wind. Tarps are also a great way to quickly cover up your tailgating gear like grills, chairs, and stereo speakers.

Be sure to bring some blankets and hand warmers especially for night games when the temperature will be at its lowest. Dress warm with heavy jackets and be sure to wear a winter hat and gloves. Most of your heat is lost through the extremities so covering your ears, fingers and toes you will stay warmer.

Always be prepared, even if bad weather is not in the forecast. Anyone from New England will tell you that the weather there is unpredictable. So pack up your tailgating gear and have a great time at the game!

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