Tarps Removed in Jacksonville for Tim Tebow

Jacksonville Jaguars Everbank field tarpsWhen it comes to EverBank Field in Jacksonville, the question looms above all games: Will the tarps stay on or off? The stadium is too large for its market, but some games, such as the Gator Bowl, call for more seats. Recently, however, the Jacksonville Jaguars announced some of the tarps are being removed for the upcoming game, in which Tim Tebow came to EverBank. Although Tebow’s star power has slightly gone down, he’s considered great enough of an attraction to remove part of the tarps.

Because more tickets were sold for the Jaguars versus New York Jets game, the tarps over section 404 were taken off. All tarps cover about 10,000 seats in total, lessening the stadium capacity to 67,246. In ESPN’s piece regarding the tarps, writer Paul Kuharsky mentions that the tarps would be off (or at least fewer would be used) if Tebow had decided to join the Florida team. Apparently, the backup quarterback had been given both options. Do you think Tebow would regularly draw such a crowd in Jacksonville?

Regarding the temporary change and increased crowd at EverBank field, Jaguars President Mark Lamping said in a statement: “We’re pleased with demand for tickets for this game and we’re thrilled to be able to make additional tickets available to our fans.”

For those following the many tarp issues concerning stadiums (like us), you’ll know that this game is not the first instance EverBank Field decided to remove the polyethylene material over the past year. In October, the Jaguars’ game against the Chicago Bears resulted in removal.

Nevertheless, for Jacksonville and other Florida stadiums too large for their markets, blanketing higher-level seats with tarps is a must, particularly as preventing blackouts in a concern for such teams and their fans.

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