Modifying a Carport With Accessories


A carport or portable garage is plenty powerful on its own, once anchored into the ground. The steel frame, either powder-coated or galvanized, holds up to practically all outdoor conditions. The polyethylene, either on top as a valance cover or fully enclosing the shelter, acts as a blocker against common outdoor threats: UV rays, water and moisture, rot, and mildew.

Yet, in some cases, a carport or portable garage’s strength can be taken up to the next level with just a few modifications through accessories. What options do you have?

Anchors are a must for all portable structures. If you do not plan to secure it into the ground with concrete, anchors offer temporary strength. Without anchors, carports and portable garages have a far greater chance of falling over, collapsing, or succumbing to the elements, ruining your investments stored underneath in the process.

Rollup kits are particularly helpful for enclosed shelters. Do you plan to be moving items in and out, at least with some regularity, but want full protection? A rollup door gives you just that.

Vents improve circulation inside a carport or portable garage. Although the shelters do not lock moisture inside, ventilation kits improve this feature.

Joiner Kits allow you the option of expanding your shelter. Versatility is an asset of all portable shelters, and joiner kits assist with increasing the size of your shelter. If you purchase two portable garages, a joiner kit attaches them back to front.

Patch kits are a must for repairs. Although the steel frames are generally stable, polyethylene has a greater chance of damage and wear and tear. If you notice a rip, puncture, or hole in the material, be ready to seal it, and continue effectively keeping out the elements, with the self-adhesive fabric in the patch kit.

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