What’s Available for Replacement Canopy Parts?

Replacement canopy partCanopy structures, no matter if you purchase a valance structure for temporary storage or a galvanized steel shelter, are composed of several parts: a polyethylene cover that has potential to tear or experience wear over time and various metal components that may rust or see the powder coating chip off. As many canopies, portable garages, and carports are designed to withstand years or use, purchasing replacement parts allows the shelter to continue sheltering longer.

But, for purchasing replacement parts, what options do you have?


Essentially the connectors, fittings keep the poles and larger aspects of the frame together and secured. As you can see from certain canopy shapes, the curves and angles vary, as well as the intersection between poles, and having the replacement fitting with all the right features is crucial. Fittings, as a result, are available for flat roof canopies, structures with an angled roof, or for securing into the ground.

For any replacement fitting, measure the diameter of the pole first; this amount can vary anywhere from 3/4ths of an inch to one and 7/8ths of an inch. Also determine how many poles will be connected to the fitting and their configuration, including angles between poles.


When it comes to canopies, however, the steel frame inevitably lasts longer than the polyethylene cover. As a result, this component will likely need to be replaced during the shelter’s lifespan. On average, the polyethylene cover (or tarp, as it’s called in some circles) lasts five years. Accidents, on the other hand, may tear the material before this point, so be on the watch for any holes, tears, or fraying – any opening that could allow moisture and UV rays to enter the shelter.

Canopy replacement covers, as a result, are fitted to the specific size and shape. This encompasses valance and enclosed house-shaped, rounded, and barn-style canopies in small to commercial sizes.

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