Options for a Stronger Carport

Metal carportsWhen you consider all the items, vehicles, and investments on your property requiring storage, some appear to have temporary seasonal needs (for instance, keeping snow out of a boat), while others need year-long protection. Powder-coated steel canopies, as a general rule, are sufficient enough for temporary storage, but when a long-term plan is needed, they fall short. For a structure that keeps out the elements for several years and holds strong throughout nearly all weather conditions, what options do you have?

Square Tube Shelters

Although a powder-coated option, square tube shelters are considerably stronger than their round tube counterparts. Just how powerful are they? One of these shelters, made out of structural square-tube steel and equipped with universal foot plates, withstands up to 80 mile per hour winds and 43 PST of snow once fully and effectively anchored into the ground.

Galvanized Steel Shelters

Although, in appearance, these shelters appear similar to their powder-coated counterparts, galvanized steel portable garages and carports are designed to last far longer in the outdoors. While abilities to withstand winds and snow loads vary with shelter type and shape, galvanized steel, in general, is a stronger substance. Zinc on the outside withstands UV and moisture better and is less prone to rust, while the steel interior provides the structural strength. A zinc-steel alloy in between ensures the two compounds have a stronger, longer-lasting bond.

Metal Carports

Galvanized steel shelters are divided between two types: polyethylene and metal varieties and fully-metal shelters. The former must have its top replaced every few years, while the latter is designed to withstand a decade or longer in the outdoors. While the galvanized steel frame is the same, the top is 29-gauge steel, which naturally withstands UV moisture and water. Although such shelters ordinarily have a valance style, kits can be purchased to add side walls.

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