City Parking Garage to add Solar Carports and Panels

Solar Carport Garage

Many cities are trying to take advantage of solar power to help decrease energy costs. This is good for both the city and its people. Las Cruces, New Mexico is using its warm weather to create energy for the city by adding solar panels to parking garages and erecting solar carports.

By adding the solar panels and solar carports, energy bills for City Hall paid in part by the taxpayers will be cheaper. It is already sunny in Las Cruces so it seems only natural to capture the sunlight and turn it into energy. The installation of a photovoltaic system has already begun on the upper deck of a parking garage next to City Hall.

There are 352 solar panels ready to be installed into the system. City Manager Roger Garza had this to say about the solar project;

“This project brings multiple benefits to the city and our residents. For on, it provides for clean energy generation to offset costs to operate City Hall. It also serves as a great example to the community how an attractive and well-designed solar application can complement a commercial facility while also providing additional shaded parking for residents visiting City Hall.”

The solar carports at the top of the parking garage will add another level of covered parking for city workers and residents. The carports will provide shade to protect vehicles from the damaging effects of ultraviolet rays.

Here are some facts about the whole project;

• Total Project Cost = $500,000
• Estimated Savings over 25 years = $807,000
• Solar panels are expected to generate 192,000 kilowatt hours of energy per year
• City will receive a $17,000 annual renewable energy credit from electric company
• Estimated savings per year will be about 15 percent of what it costs to power City Hall

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