Marlin’s will Tarp-Off Upper Deck for Weeknight Games

Marlins Stadium

The Miami Marlins have the third smallest stadium capacity in all of baseball, and yet they still can’t fill the seats. Like many other struggling professional sports teams, the Marlins will be using tarps to cover up a significant number of seats during certain games.

A Marlins team spokesperson said that covering the entire upper deck for certain weeknight games “will give an overall better fan experience.” The Marlins’ home stadium has a capacity of 37,442, yet the average number of tickets sold and distributed for the first 16 games averaged only 18,864. While a measly 18,000 tickets were in the hand of someone, the actual number of ticket holders who actually attended the games is probably more in the ballpark of 10,000.

Before each home game, a decision will be made on whether or not the upper deck will be tarped-off. Not many fans will be affected by the move because the Marlins say that fewer than 500 people hold season tickets in the upper bowl. Those who do, will be moved down at no extra charge. You can still purchase upper bowl tickets for future games too, and if they shut down the area you will also be upgraded for free.

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