Henderson Residents Receive Free Tarps in Effort to Reduce Litter

Truck Tarp

In Henderson, North Carolina, roadside litter is an ongoing problem. One company is doing what they can to raise awareness of the problem, along with giving away free tarps to help cover the waste when it is being hauled.

In a partnership with Wal-Mart and the “Keep North Carolina Beautiful” campaign, Waste Industries Vance County has been distributing free 8 by 10 foot tarps. The “Keep North Carolina Beautiful” campaign provides a program that offers free tarps and educational materials to residents hauling waste to local convenience centers and landfills.

It is against the law to haul waste without a tarp over it in North Carolina, regardless of whether it’s a residential or commercial vehicle. The Waste Industries Vance County company will begin distributing the tarps to people when they come to their transfer center. The company says thay they get anywhere from 15 to 20 residents a day at the transfer center.

The KNCB campaign says that non-secured items in truck beds are contributinTarpsg to the dangerous and unsightly roadside litter. To reduce the amount of litter, people need to be held accountable when breaking the law or informed on how to move loads to the transfer center correctly. According to North Carolina law, “When litter is blown, scattered, spilled, thrown, or placed from a vehicle or watercraft, the operator thereof shall be presumed to have committed this offense.”

The efforts by the people of Vance County to keep the area litter-free is ongoing. 350 volunteers recently collected almost 200 bags of trash and recyclables on the streets, near homes, and businesses. They hope that by giving free tarps to residents who bring trash to the transfer center that they will be more likely to cover up their load and this will reduce the amount of litter.

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