Homeless Philippines Typhoon Survivors Need Tarps for Shelter

typhoon photo 2Typhoon Haiyan, which struck the Philippines on November 7, caused catastrophic damage, utterly decimating whole cities. People who were left homeless in the aftermath desperately need tarps to provide improvised shelters, in addition to food, water, and medicine. Relief supplies have been slow to arrive.

Hundreds of thousands of residents of the Philippines were left homeless following the storm, and over half a million were displaced. Those left homeless have been left with nowhere to turn to escape the elements. Many have been sleeping in the rubble of collapsed buildings or outdoors.

The Metropolitan Manila Development Authority is asking billboard operators and outdoor advertising agencies to donate used tarps to construct makeshift shelters for families left homeless in the wake of the storm. Since tarps are flexible and waterproof, they can be used to construct improvised tents. Such temporary shelters would provide much-needed protection from the rains that have continued to plague the region.

In the wake of Typhoon Pablo in December 2012, authorities sent tarps confiscated from non-compliant advertising companies in the Baklas Billboard operation to the hard-hit areas of New Bataan, Compostela Valley and Cateel, Davao Oriental to construct improvised shelters. Prior to that, thousands of people had been sleeping exposed to the elements.

Since Haiyan struck, residents of several cities and villages, including the hardest-hit city of Tacloban, have begun receiving some tarps, water, and food donated by companies, international charities, and the local government. However, the need for aid far outweighs the supply, and authorities and charities are appealing for international help for the hundreds of thousands desperately in need of shelter from continued rain and storms.

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