Boys Perform Synchronized Swimming Routine with a Tarp at School Talent Show

swim tarpA group of fifth-grade boys stole the show and have become famous online after performing a skit in which they acted as a group of synchronized swimmers in their elementary school talent show. They “swam” and performed a choreographed routine behind a blue tarp that was set up on a stage at the school.

The eight fifth-grade boys from W.A. Porter Elementary School in Hurst, Texas dressed up in swimming caps, goggles, and swim trunks for their talent show routine. They performed their synchronized swimming skit behind a “water wall” draped with a blue tarp to make it appear as though they were swimming in a pool. They lined up and pretended to swim, dive, and kick their legs in the air on stage in a choreographed performance.

The mother of one of the boys was inspired by a video of a similar synchronized swimming performance that she saw posted on Youtube last summer. She choreographed the synchronized swimming routine that the boys performed at the talent show. The boys practiced their routine over spring break to perfect it in time for their performance.

The mother of one of the boys posted a video of the performance on Facebook, and another boy’s mother posted it on Youtube. The video has gone viral, with more than 150,000 people viewing it. The boys have gained widespread fame practically overnight. They are surprised by how popular their skit was with the audience at the school and how much attention it has received from people around the world.

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