How to Prevent Wind from Ripping Corner Grommets out of a Tarp

grommet kitMany people who use tarps for shelter when camping have experienced strong winds that tore out a grommet in the corner of the tarp. You can prevent wind from damaging your tarp by spreading stress and strain among three grommets in the corner.

You can purchase a grommet kit at a hardware store or home center. A kit will include grommets in a variety of sizes and all the installation tools you will need.

Figure out where you want to place the grommets and mark the locations. Place a block of wood under a hole mark, line the tarp cutter up with the mark, and hit it with a hammer until it punches a hole in the tarp. The hole cutter has a beveled edge to cut a clean hole in the tarp.

Next, place a grommet on top of the anvil. Push the hole in the tarp over the grommet post, and then place the washer on top. Place the punch in the grommet tube and through the anvil center. Be sure the punch is inserted completely through the grommet post and into the center of the anvil to make sure the grommet and washer sit together firmly and the anvil does not get damaged. Hit the punch firmly with a hammer, rotate it a quarter turn, and repeat until the grommet fits tightly with the washer.

After you have inserted two new grommets, take a piece of paracord or light rope six to 10 feet long and run it through the three grommets. Create two loops that stretch out to about two feet. Tie the ends of the ropes to the two outside grommets. Gather the two loops at the midpoints and attach a carabiner so it is able to move freely. Attach a corner rope to the carabiner. The corner rope will spread the force among the three points so that the tarp will be able to flex and move with the wind.

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