How to Transport Your Christmas Tree

transport Christmas treeMany people choose to celebrate the holiday season by decorating their homes with Christmas trees that they buy from farms or cut down themselves. If you are planning to buy a Christmas tree and transport it to your house on top of your car, you want to do it with as little work and mess as possible. Here are some tips on how to help you get your Christmas tree home.

Before you head to the farm to pick out your tree, be sure that you are prepared. You will need to bring a tarp, gloves to handle the tree so you won’t get poked by needles, and bungee cords, rope, or ratchet straps to secure the tree to the roof of your vehicle.

After you have picked out the perfect Christmas tree, you will need to carry it to your car. Lay down the tarp and put the tree on top of it. Wrap the tree in the tarp so that it will be easier to carry and you will not poke yourself. Wrapping it in a tarp will also protect the roof of your car from scratches and sap.

Lift the tree onto the roof of your car. Aim the trunk of the tree forward to keep it stable. This will also protect the branches from wind that could cause damage while you are driving home.

Wrap the rope, bungee cords, or ratchet straps around the tree. Then loop them under your roof racks, if you have them, or through the interior of your car. Repeat as many times as necessary to properly secure the tree. Pull on the tree to make sure it doesn’t move.

Drive slowly if you can. Once you get home, keep the tree wrapped in the tarp to carry it into the house. This will help you avoid getting pine needles on the floor and scratching the walls as you carry it into your living room.

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