Using a Tarp and Other Leaf Removal Strategies

leaf removal tarpNow that autumn is here, you probably have leaves falling from trees and littering your yard. Raking leaves isn’t much fun, but here are some tips to make it easier.

Don’t try to rake an entire season’s worth of leaves in one day. You will get a backache and blisters. Instead, spread the chore out over a few days throughout the fall. Don’t try to rake leaves on a windy day.

Dress in layers to control your body temperature and avoid sweating. If it is sunny, wear sunscreen. If your area has a lot of ticks and there has not been a prolonged frost, wear insect repellent.

Choose a rake that is comfortable for you. An ergonomic rake is designed to reduce bending and stooping, but not every rake is right for every person. Try a few in the store before buying one.

You don’t need to rake the leaves all the way across your lawn to the place where you are going to bag or dump them. You can make the job easier by raking them onto a tarp and dragging them. Use a medium-sized tarp with handles that is easy to drag. Canvas or heavy plastic won’t flap in the wind or tear.

If your yard has a lot of trees, use your lawn mower or tractor to mulch or bag leaves. Mulching will leave a layer of leaves that will provide nutrients for the soil when they decompose. Put the mower deck on the second-highest setting and mow your lawn. If the leaves are wet, mow them the first time with the mower in the side-discharging mode so you can lift and loosen them. Then mow again in the mulching or bagging mode.

A leaf blower can be effective if your yard is bordered by woods. Use a flattened attachment to blow leaves and a round nozzle for dirt and debris. If your leaf blower has a vacuum feature, you can use it to suck up leaves from around bushes and your house’s foundation. If you don’t have much time or a lot of leaves have accumulated, you can rent a more powerful wheeled blower.

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