Luminaries Canopy Will Light up New York This Holiday Season

Luminaries canopy New YorkA new exhibit is set to light up New York City this holiday season and become a new tradition. Luminaries, a unique installation designed by the Rockwell Group, will brighten the Winter Garden at Brookfield Place. It consists of 650 custom-build luminoids, or translucent lanterns embedded with LED lights, that are arranged in an undulating magic carpet 45 feet off the ground at its peak.

The display has three “wishing stations” where guests can place their hands and make wishes. When they remove their hands, the glowing block sends a burst of color to the canopy. If multiple people make wishes at the same time, the colors mix to create a mesmerizing display.

The installation was inspired by the practice of offering light as a gesture of generosity and goodwill that is common around the world. Luminaries is meant to encourage New York residents and visitors to meet face to face and interact in person, rather than with mobile and online devices.

Luminaries will also include three-minute choreographed light shows every two hours. The shows are entitled “Northern Lights,” “Firecrackers,” “Snowfall,” “Ribbons,” and “Christmas Tree.”

Luminaries will be unveiled at a private celebration on December 1. Singer-songwriter Meghan Trainor will make the first wish. The display will be open to the public from December 2 to January 10.

The installation will also raise money for charity. Arts Brookfield will donate $1 for every wish made, up to $25,000, to the GRAMMY Foundation to support music education programs for high school students.

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