Dolphins Stadium Canopy Construction on Schedule

Artist's rendering of Sun Life Stadium once $450 million in renovations is complete. (Courtesy of Miami Dolphins)
Artist’s rendering of Sun Life Stadium once $450 million in renovations is complete. (Courtesy of Miami Dolphins)

The Miami Dolphins are working hard to get the new canopy at their stadium ready for the National Football League’s preseason that is scheduled to start in August. Construction crews are working 24 hours a day, seven days a week to make sure the canopy project is completed on time. They are even welding in the middle of the night to stay on schedule.

The new canopy will provide shade from the Florida sun and protection from rain for fans at the stadium, which used to be known as Sun Life but will be getting a new name and sponsor this season. The $450 million renovations were privately funded by Dolphins owner Stephen Ross.

The stadium will also get giant new state-of-the-art view boards. The first view board was installed recently in the southeast corner of the stadium.

According to Dolphins CEO Tom Garfinkel, the project has a tight schedule. So far, construction crews have been able to stay on track.

The team that planned the project built some extra time into the construction schedule in case there were any delays caused by inclement weather. Garfinkel said only a catastrophic event like a hurricane would keep the construction team from completing the canopy in time for the season. If that happens, the Dolphins have created a contingency plan that would allow them to play in another location until the project is completed.

Garfinkel hopes the new canopy will be enough to help the Dolphins win the right to host an upcoming Super Bowl. The team owners will vote next month on where to host the Super Bowl in 2019, 2020, and 2021. Miami, Atlanta, Los Angeles, Tampa Bay, and New Orleans are all bidding for the opportunity to host games. Garfinkel is confident that the new canopy will help the Dolphins be competitive.

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