How to Fix a Torn Canopy

fix tear in canopyA canopy can provide shade for you and your family and friends so you can relax and enjoy the weather in the summer. Canopies are made from durable materials and are designed to stand up to harsh weather, but prolonged exposure to the elements or blowing debris such as sticks can lead to tears. If that happens, you don’t necessarily have to throw out your canopy cover and buy a new one. In many cases, you can repair it by following a few simple steps.

Remove and Clean the Canopy Cover

The first step is to remove the canopy cover from the frame. Depending on the size of your canopy, you might need someone to help you. Unhook all of the fasteners and roll up the canopy as you remove it to make the job easier. Lay it flat on the ground.

Before you repair the canopy, it needs to be cleaned. You can use a pressure washer with a canopy made from a tough material. If your canopy is made from a more delicate material, you should use a sponge, water, and dish soap. If there is any mildew, wash it off with color-safe bleach and water. Do not wash the area around the tear because that could make the damage worse. Let the cover dry completely before you repair it.

How to Sew or Patch a Tear

After the canopy cover is dry, you can fix the tear. If a seam is ripped, you can fix it by sewing it with a double stitch. Use a heavy-duty needle and heavy-duty synthetic thread.

If there is a hole in the body of the canopy cover, you can fix it with a patch. You can use a patch that you sew or stick on.

If you are using a sew-on patch, use a material that is similar to the cover and cut two patches at least two inches larger than the hole. Put one patch on the bottom and the other on the top and sew them together through the cover with a double stitch.

To use a stick-on patch, clean the area around the tear with an alcohol cleaning pad first to remove dirt or dust. This will make the patch stay on better. Let the area dry completely before you apply the patch. Cut the square ends to make them round so the patch will stay on better.

You can also use canopy repair tape. Fabric repair tape can be clear or can match the color of your canopy. Put the sides of the tear as close together as you can and tape at least three inches above the tear. Then put tape over the tear and repeat on the other side.

Where to Order a New or Replacement Canopy

If your canopy has a large tear, you may be better off replacing it. If you do not yet have a canopy, you can order one so you can enjoy relaxing in your backyard this summer. Carport Depot has canopies in a variety of sizes and colors that can make the outdoors more comfortable. Order a canopy today.

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