Winter Storage for Your Camper or RV

portable-garage-rv-camper-winterSummer is a time for traveling to far-flung locations on family vacations. Many families like to climb into a camper or RV and spend weeks driving across the country to visit friends and relatives or to see new places. A family vacation in a camper or RV is a memorable experience for everyone.

Where Will You Store Your Camper or RV This Winter?

Now that fall has arrived and kids are back in school, the time for family road trips is over. If you have a camper or RV that you enjoyed over the summer, now is the time to begin thinking about where you will store it for the winter. You want to protect it from rain, snow, and extreme temperatures that could cause wear and damage so it will be ready to be used again next summer.

A camper or RV is too big to fit in most garages. This can make it difficult to store one for the winter. However, you have a simple and effective alternative: You can store your camper or RV in a tall storage building specifically designed for such large vehicles.

Features of Portable Garages

Shelters of America has portable garages and carports in a wide array of sizes to store virtually any vehicle. They have buildings that are wide and tall enough to store a camper or RV. Their portable garages are as much as 100 feet long and as tall as 18 feet. This provides plenty of clearance for even a large camper or RV.

A portable garage is made from heavy-duty materials that can stand up to harsh winter weather. They have all-steel frames with rafter spacing and steel arches for added strength. The covers are designed to resist damage from rain, snow, and wind to keep your camper or RV protected from the elements while it is in storage.

Order a Portable Garage to Store Your Camper or RV until Next Summer

Having a camper or RV offers the ability to take long and exciting family trips. You want to protect your vehicle so you can use it for as many summer vacations as possible. Order a portable garage from Shelters of America to keep your camper or RV protected so you can enjoy another adventure next summer.

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