Keep Firewood Dry in a Portable Garage This Winter

keep-firewood-dry-portable-garageWith winter here, you want to keep your home warm to provide relief from the cold outdoors. Many people enjoy relaxing in front of a fire or a wood-burning stove on a winter night. If you have a fireplace or stove that you use for heat, you probably go through a lot of firewood in the winter.

Where to Store Your Firewood

It is important to store your wood correctly. It needs to be protected from rain, snow, and ice. Moisture can prevent wood from burning correctly and can fill your home with smoke. Firewood also needs to be protected from insects and animals that might make nests in a pile.

If you don’t have a shed or space inside your house to store your firewood, you can keep it in a portable garage. This will shield it from winter weather that could make the wood too damp to burn. Your firewood will be kept dry so you can have a warm, crackling fire any time you want one. It will also keep animals and insects out.

Where to Set up a Portable Garage

You should set up your portable garage in a location that is close enough to your home to be convenient. You want to have it a short distance from your house so you won’t have to carry the wood far, since it can be heavy. A portable garage can easily be set up in your backyard so you can carry wood into your home as you need it.

Elevate Firewood and Allow Air to Circulate

You should not store firewood directly on the ground since insects and bacteria can get into it and make it go bad. You can stack your firewood on pallets or sheets of wood so it is elevated off the ground. Another option is to lay a tarp on the ground and stack the firewood on top of it.

You should stack the wood in neat rows so air can circulate. Air circulation is critical to keep the wood dry so it burns well. Make sure you leave enough room around the sides of the stacks inside your portable garage so air can flow easily.

Where to Order a Portable Garage

Portable Garage Depot sells portable garages in a variety of sizes. You can set up a shelter in your yard so you will have plenty of room to store enough firewood to last the entire winter. Your wood will be protected from snow, rain, ice, insects, animals, and bacteria so it will burn well and keep your home warm. Order a portable garage from Portable Garage Depot today.

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