For a comprehensive directory of tarp and canopy information, this blog is dedicated to providing readers with informative posts and articles about portable garages and tarps and the various uses for them. Both portable garages and tarps are common, everyday items, and this blog has specific information about different types of tarps and canopies. For example, do you know about the different types of tarps, including canvas tarps, polyethylene tarps, and medium and heavy duty tarps? Do you know the difference between a carport and a portable garage? If not, read on.

The average person’s knowledge about tarps often ends at common blue tarps, which are actually medium duty tarps. But tarps are made from a range of woven materials, such as canvas and polyethylene, and these stronger tarps can have other specific purposes, such as being a boat tarp to protect a boat in storage, a truck tarp, or as a tarp cover to protect equipment and hay. Tarps protect objects ranging from a house – a tarp can be used as an emergency roof patch – to a baseball field. If you’re looking for a stronger tarp cover, this blog will have information about the range of tarps, from poly tarps to canvas tarps, and the use for each type.

Polyethylene tarps, or poly tarps, are often a component in portable garages, which are often composed of a polyethylene canopy and a galvanized or powder-coated steel frame. A portable garage is an affordable alternative to setting up a permanent brick-and-mortar garage, and they’re becoming increasingly popular as multipurpose buildings. Aside from being directly a garage, a portable garage can be a carport, an RV or boat cover, and a portable storage shed.

All similar structures have a polyethylene canopy and side walls to store regular or seasonal vehicles, as well as other objects. Included in this blog’s portable garage section is information about other similar structures, including metal carports, party tents, and wedding tents. Similar in purpose, a metal carport is similar to a polyethylene carport, only the protection comes from a steel tarp. The other two types of portable shelters, party tents and wedding tents, are often sold through many portable garage providers as temporary shelter, as these shelters with a vinyl or polyester canopy can be put up and taken down easily and are often used as shade for backyard parties, weddings, and flea markets.

Whether you’re in the market for a portable garage or need a sturdy tarp to cover your boat or RV, this blog will have information for all types of covers and their uses.

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