Solar Array Installed on Garage Canopy

Norwalk, Connecticut officials recently announced that a solar array has been installed on a canopy on the top deck of a parking garage in the city to generate electricity. The 100-kilowatt system will generate enough electricity to power 13 homes per year. That is equivalent to offsetting 77.01 tons of carbon dioxide emissions or taking […]

Solar Carports to Almost Fully Cover Calif. School District’s Electricity

Implementation of solar carports continues to grow. Beyond a single-home or building use, a recent news story shows one particularly forward-thinking project involving these systems. Del Monte Electric, according to a press release, oversaw the completion of a solar carport project that involved adding these panels and systems to 51 schools in the Mount Diablo […]

Getting Through The Historic 2013 Northeast Blizzard

The snowstorm expected to hit the Northeast from New York City into the northern points of New England has been described as “historic.” But with power outages and other damage predicted, local news stations and publications are providing advice about preparing and lasting through. According to the New Haven Register, citizens should not only prepare […]

Options for a Stronger Carport

When you consider all the items, vehicles, and investments on your property requiring storage, some appear to have temporary seasonal needs (for instance, keeping snow out of a boat), while others need year-long protection. Powder-coated steel canopies, as a general rule, are sufficient enough for temporary storage, but when a long-term plan is needed, they […]

Modifying a Carport With Accessories

A carport or portable garage is plenty powerful on its own, once anchored into the ground. The steel frame, either powder-coated or galvanized, holds up to practically all outdoor conditions. The polyethylene, either on top as a valance cover or fully enclosing the shelter, acts as a blocker against common outdoor threats: UV rays, water […]

What’s the Cost of a Home Improvement Project?

Recently, Bloomberg pointed out that home improvement spending has increased in recent years. The magazine took a survey of the most common improvements or renovation projects made to a home, and garage repairs and carports fall within the list. So, according to Bloomberg, the average cost of constructing or improving a garage is $13,059 on […]

Preparing for the Winter with Carports and Tarps

Although fall has just begun, colder weather hints at a changed lifestyle: particularly, those seasonal vehicles you used for recreation in spring and summer now must be placed in storage. As we have pointed out plenty of times on this blog, keeping a boat, RV, or motorcycle outdoors, exposed to the elements, is never a […]

Catholic College Opens Environmentally-Friendly Carport

Could garages be on the way out, particularly as the demand for solar-charging stations grows? The Catholic University of America noticed this need and, at one of the school’s parking lots, recently unveiled a carport. The structure, on the surface, offers all the assets of a standard carport but with one additional feature: electric charging […]