RBI Solar Receives Approval for Solar Canopy

RBI Solar, Inc. has received approval from the California Division of State Architect on a Pre-Check solar carport structure design. The approval includes several canopy configurations to provide its clients with design flexibility. RBI made the move to create a more cost-effective solar racking structure. The structural plan review process is typically lengthy, which can […]

College Student Lives in Hut in the Woods

Dylan Miller, a 22-year-old English and philosophy major at Juniata College in Pennsylvania, decided that for his senior project in simple living he wanted to emulate Thoreau. He built a 17-foot-square, 9-foot-high hut in the woods from fallen trees and used leaves as insulation and a tarp for a roof. The interior of the hut […]

L.L. Bean Creates Handbags from Fenway Tarp

Outdoor retailer L.L. Bean is introducing new limited edition handbags for Boston Red Sox fans. The one-of-a-kind tote and boat bags are fashioned out of the rain-delay tarp that protected the Fenway Park infield from rain during the Boston Red Sox 2013 season. The bags have red handles that feature the dates of every Red […]

How to Prevent Wind from Ripping Corner Grommets out of a Tarp

Many people who use tarps for shelter when camping have experienced strong winds that tore out a grommet in the corner of the tarp. You can prevent wind from damaging your tarp by spreading stress and strain among three grommets in the corner. You can purchase a grommet kit at a hardware store or home […]

Homeless Philippines Typhoon Survivors Need Tarps for Shelter

Typhoon Haiyan, which struck the Philippines on November 7, caused catastrophic damage, utterly decimating whole cities. People who were left homeless in the aftermath desperately need tarps to provide improvised shelters, in addition to food, water, and medicine. Relief supplies have been slow to arrive. Hundreds of thousands of residents of the Philippines were left […]

What’s Available for Replacement Canopy Parts?

Canopy structures, no matter if you purchase a valance structure for temporary storage or a galvanized steel shelter, are composed of several parts: a polyethylene cover that has potential to tear or experience wear over time and various metal components that may rust or see the powder coating chip off. As many canopies, portable garages, […]

Covering Pumpkins with Tarps

Since we’re in the middle of fall at the moment, going pumpkin picking is an appropriate activity for children and their parents. But with recent and sudden colder temperatures in the northern part of the country, and some areas experiencing snowfall, some pumpkins, as well as other fall crops, need protection from frost. Frost can […]