Solar Array Installed on Garage Canopy

Norwalk, Connecticut officials recently announced that a solar array has been installed on a canopy on the top deck of a parking garage in the city to generate electricity. The 100-kilowatt system will generate enough electricity to power 13 homes per year. That is equivalent to offsetting 77.01 tons of carbon dioxide emissions or taking […]

Boys Perform Synchronized Swimming Routine with a Tarp at School Talent Show

A group of fifth-grade boys stole the show and have become famous online after performing a skit in which they acted as a group of synchronized swimmers in their elementary school talent show. They “swam” and performed a choreographed routine behind a blue tarp that was set up on a stage at the school. The […]

Philadelphia Eagles Crew Used Tarp to Protect Field from Snow

A winter storm that hit much of the country on Thursday, January 2 dropped almost 10 inches of snow on Philadelphia, home of the Lincoln Financial Field. Groundskeepers at the football stadium had the task of removing an estimated 2 to 3 million pounds of snow from the field, stands, parking lot, plazas, and the […]

Sochi Winter Olympics Organizers Store Snow Under Tarps, Just in Case

Organizers planning for the upcoming 2014 Winter Olympics and Paralympics in Sochi, Russia wanted to make sure they would have enough snow for the skiing competitions, so they decided to save some from last year. They covered several large piles of snow with special insulated tarps to preserve the snow through the spring and summer. […]

Kentucky Students Pitch Tent Record

Students at the University of Kentucky pitched tents, lots of tents, to show their support and school spirit for their basketball teams. Nearly 700 tents were pitched around the area of Memorial Coliseum during the first week of October. Students camped out for the chance to buy tickets for the first men’s and women’s basketball […]

Solar Carports to Almost Fully Cover Calif. School District’s Electricity

Implementation of solar carports continues to grow. Beyond a single-home or building use, a recent news story shows one particularly forward-thinking project involving these systems. Del Monte Electric, according to a press release, oversaw the completion of a solar carport project that involved adding these panels and systems to 51 schools in the Mount Diablo […]

Oakland Raiders Opting for Stadium Tarps

Florida’s professional baseball and football teams aren’t the only ones having to cover seats. Oakland’s teams are in a similar quandary: remove the tarps and experience a blackout, or add the material to temporarily adjust the stadium to size? In October 2012, the A’s promised to remove their tarps if they won against the Detroit […]

Getting Through The Historic 2013 Northeast Blizzard

The snowstorm expected to hit the Northeast from New York City into the northern points of New England has been described as “historic.” But with power outages and other damage predicted, local news stations and publications are providing advice about preparing and lasting through. According to the New Haven Register, citizens should not only prepare […]

Purchasing Wind Insurance for Your Home

When it comes to temporarily repairing a damaged roof, and even windows, blue tarps are the go-to material. While we have touched on this aspect of home repair many times, these medium-duty polyethylene tarps, once fully secured to the surface of a roof, block out damaging UV rays and moisture and prevent dry rot and […]