What’s the Cost of a Home Improvement Project?

Recently, Bloomberg pointed out that home improvement spending has increased in recent years. The magazine took a survey of the most common improvements or renovation projects made to a home, and garage repairs and carports fall within the list. So, according to Bloomberg, the average cost of constructing or improving a garage is $13,059 on […]

Tarps Removed in Jacksonville for Tim Tebow

When it comes to EverBank Field in Jacksonville, the question looms above all games: Will the tarps stay on or off? The stadium is too large for its market, but some games, such as the Gator Bowl, call for more seats. Recently, however, the Jacksonville Jaguars announced some of the tarps are being removed for […]

Preparing for Winter Storms With Tarps and Other Essential Supplies

From the Northeast corner of the United States to the West Coast, recent winter storms have resulted in flooding, roof leaks, and other structural damages to homes and buildings. No matter if a hurricane, snow, or similar natural disaster appears poised to hit your area, early preparation is key for survival. Aside from not dealing […]

Jacksonville Jaguars Removing Stadium Tarps Before Sunday Game

While last week the Oakland A’s promised to remove their green tarps if they won against the Detroit Tigers, the Jacksonville Jaguars are partially removing theirs for the Sunday game against the Chicago Bears. Over the summer, we touched on the issue facing EverBank Field, the Jaguars’ home stadium. Like other baseball and football stadiums […]

If They Defeat the Tigers, Oakland A’s Promise to Move Tarps

Tarps are a paradox within sports stadiums. On one hand, the polyethylene material is extremely practical, protecting seats and the field from rain, which potentially delays season games and practices. On the other, large swaths of material covering thousands of seats is considered unsightly. Attracting an audience at sports games has turned into a challenge, […]

Preparing for the Winter with Carports and Tarps

Although fall has just begun, colder weather hints at a changed lifestyle: particularly, those seasonal vehicles you used for recreation in spring and summer now must be placed in storage. As we have pointed out plenty of times on this blog, keeping a boat, RV, or motorcycle outdoors, exposed to the elements, is never a […]

Catholic College Opens Environmentally-Friendly Carport

Could garages be on the way out, particularly as the demand for solar-charging stations grows? The Catholic University of America noticed this need and, at one of the school’s parking lots, recently unveiled a carport. The structure, on the surface, offers all the assets of a standard carport but with one additional feature: electric charging […]

U.K. Community Opens Solar Carport

Electric carports and solar vehicles are growing in popularity on both sides of the Atlantic. But, when it comes to these shelters, there essentially are two options: large carports in facility parking lots or home carports. Shelters, as well, either support photovoltaic panels that provide a charge to the adjacent building, or give an electric […]

Portable Garage Depot Displaying Portable Shelters at the 2012 Big E

An annual event, the Big E is New England’s largest fair. Portable Garage Depot’s booth is an additional annual presence. A leader in carports and other portable shelters, Portable Garage Depot will be present from September 14 through the 30th at the event’s Eastern States Exposition location in West Springfield, Massachusetts. Although Portable Garage Depot […]