Tension Fabric Buildings Offer a Multitude of Uses

Tension fabric buildings consist of a rigid frame, which may be made of timber, steel, rigid plastic, or aluminum, and a sturdy fabric outer membrane. The fabric cover is stretched over the frame and tensioned to provide a tight cover that serves as the structural support for the building. Tension fabric buildings offer several benefits […]

Selecting the Right Tarp Size

Often, when it comes to tarps, material is paramount and correlates with usage. Polyethylene is the go-to material, while vinyl provides the strength for more heavy-duty and commercial jobs, like transport. Polypropylene mesh, able to let 25-percent of light through while still blocking out UV rays, is a specialized option, perfect for gardens but also […]

Preparing for the Winter with Carports and Tarps

Although fall has just begun, colder weather hints at a changed lifestyle: particularly, those seasonal vehicles you used for recreation in spring and summer now must be placed in storage. As we have pointed out plenty of times on this blog, keeping a boat, RV, or motorcycle outdoors, exposed to the elements, is never a […]