How a Portable Garage Can Help on Your Farm

If you run a farm, you have a lot of possessions that you need to protect from the weather. If you raise crops, you have tractors and other types of equipment that you use for planting, tending, and harvesting food. You also have the crops themselves to protect from the weather after you harvest them […]

How to Fix Common Problems with a Portable Garage

If you have an extra vehicle, such as a car, truck, camper, motorcycle, or boat, that you need to store for the winter, but you do not have enough space in a garage, a portable storage building is a good alternative. Portable garages are made from durable materials that are designed to stand up to […]

Winter Storage for Your Camper or RV

Summer is a time for traveling to far-flung locations on family vacations. Many families like to climb into a camper or RV and spend weeks driving across the country to visit friends and relatives or to see new places. A family vacation in a camper or RV is a memorable experience for everyone. Where Will […]

Protect Your Motorcycle from Winter Weather with a Portable Garage

There is nothing like the thrill of cruising down the highway on a motorcycle on a warm summer day. If you own a motorcycle, it is surely a prized possession that you want to protect so you can enjoy it for many years to come. Unfortunately, summer is almost over, and winter will be here […]

Tension Fabric Buildings Offer a Multitude of Uses

Tension fabric buildings consist of a rigid frame, which may be made of timber, steel, rigid plastic, or aluminum, and a sturdy fabric outer membrane. The fabric cover is stretched over the frame and tensioned to provide a tight cover that serves as the structural support for the building. Tension fabric buildings offer several benefits […]

Getting Through The Historic 2013 Northeast Blizzard

The snowstorm expected to hit the Northeast from New York City into the northern points of New England has been described as “historic.” But with power outages and other damage predicted, local news stations and publications are providing advice about preparing and lasting through. According to the New Haven Register, citizens should not only prepare […]

Options for a Stronger Carport

When you consider all the items, vehicles, and investments on your property requiring storage, some appear to have temporary seasonal needs (for instance, keeping snow out of a boat), while others need year-long protection. Powder-coated steel canopies, as a general rule, are sufficient enough for temporary storage, but when a long-term plan is needed, they […]