What’s the Cost of a Home Improvement Project?

Recently, Bloomberg pointed out that home improvement spending has increased in recent years. The magazine took a survey of the most common improvements or renovation projects made to a home, and garage repairs and carports fall within the list. So, according to Bloomberg, the average cost of constructing or improving a garage is $13,059 on […]

Carport Depot Introduces Garage Floor Covers

Carports and portable garages are excellent guards against damage from the elements. The metal frame holds up against most weather conditions, while the rip-stop polyethylene cover is treated to block out UV rays and water. The structure, as a whole, offers sufficient air circulation to prevent mildew, dry rot, and mold from building up inside. […]

Portable Garage Depot Displaying Portable Shelters at the 2012 Big E

An annual event, the Big E is New England’s largest fair. Portable Garage Depot’s booth is an additional annual presence. A leader in carports and other portable shelters, Portable Garage Depot will be present from September 14 through the 30th at the event’s Eastern States Exposition location in West Springfield, Massachusetts. Although Portable Garage Depot […]