Choosing a Vinyl Tarp

Considered the sturdiest option, vinyl tarps are designed for commercial applications. That’s not to say, however, that this material, which can be 22mil thick, is hands-off for personal usage. Instead, vinyl has an extremely long lifespan, lasting through various outdoor applications, and can be used in much the same way that polyethylene is for protecting […]

Oakland Raiders Opting for Stadium Tarps

Florida’s professional baseball and football teams aren’t the only ones having to cover seats. Oakland’s teams are in a similar quandary: remove the tarps and experience a blackout, or add the material to temporarily adjust the stadium to size? In October 2012, the A’s promised to remove their tarps if they won against the Detroit […]

Getting Through The Historic 2013 Northeast Blizzard

The snowstorm expected to hit the Northeast from New York City into the northern points of New England has been described as “historic.” But with power outages and other damage predicted, local news stations and publications are providing advice about preparing and lasting through. According to the New Haven Register, citizens should not only prepare […]

Purchasing Wind Insurance for Your Home

When it comes to temporarily repairing a damaged roof, and even windows, blue tarps are the go-to material. While we have touched on this aspect of home repair many times, these medium-duty polyethylene tarps, once fully secured to the surface of a roof, block out damaging UV rays and moisture and prevent dry rot and […]

Selecting the Right Tarp Size

Often, when it comes to tarps, material is paramount and correlates with usage. Polyethylene is the go-to material, while vinyl provides the strength for more heavy-duty and commercial jobs, like transport. Polypropylene mesh, able to let 25-percent of light through while still blocking out UV rays, is a specialized option, perfect for gardens but also […]

Tarps Removed in Jacksonville for Tim Tebow

When it comes to EverBank Field in Jacksonville, the question looms above all games: Will the tarps stay on or off? The stadium is too large for its market, but some games, such as the Gator Bowl, call for more seats. Recently, however, the Jacksonville Jaguars announced some of the tarps are being removed for […]

Preparing for Winter Storms With Tarps and Other Essential Supplies

From the Northeast corner of the United States to the West Coast, recent winter storms have resulted in flooding, roof leaks, and other structural damages to homes and buildings. No matter if a hurricane, snow, or similar natural disaster appears poised to hit your area, early preparation is key for survival. Aside from not dealing […]